Friday 9 September 2011

A Wee Review - Collusion by Stuart Neville

Collusion is Stuart Neville's second novel. Following on from the chaos created by Gerry Fegan in The Twelve (or The Ghosts of Belfast in the US), a police officer, Detective Inspector Jack Lennon, needs to track down his estranged daughter and her mother before they become casulties of the war between Gerry Fegan and Bull O'Kane. But O'Kane has employed the Traveller, a foul-mouthed terminator, to 'take care of' all the players involved in his feud with Fegan. So Lennon has to untangle the web of lies and collusion that leads to his daughter before the Traveller can track them down.

Neville proves yet again that he is a writer to be reckoned with. His writing style pulls no punches and he is a master of creating tension. This Belfast thriller will take hold of you like a fire ravaging a stately home. Brutal, ruthless, breathtaking... Collusion is a blistering read.

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seana graham said...

I loved getting more of Gerry Fegan.

I will certainly continue to read Mr. Neville, though I don't know when his next book will be coming out over here.