Monday 19 September 2011

Wayne Simmons on Point

And today's blurb has been brought to you by Northern Ireland's leading zombie expert, Wayne Simmons. The only thing cooler than Simmon's tattoos is his writing. And to get an endorsement from this dude just plain rocks. Here's what he had to say after reading The Point:

"Noir from Norn Iron! A lean slice of grindhouse from Belfast's new crime hack." - Wayne Simmons, bestselling author of Flu and Drop Dead Gorgeous

I really like the idea of myself as a 'crime hack'. Though hacking usually takes on a more sinister meaning in Simmons' work. Thanks, Wayne! I'd buy you a pint if you hadn't absconded to Cardiff.

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Photographe à Dublin said...

For no reason I can think of this post set me thinking of a zombie film I really enjoyed a lot...

"The Ghost Breakers" made in 1940 and starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard.