Friday 22 April 2011

Friday, and I'm feeling good...

Cracking day, isn't it? But if, like me, you're stuck in the office for the next few hours, you could do worse than to check out a few of the notable reviews I've enjoyed this week.

Wayne Simmons on Somebody Owes Me Money by Donald E Westlake

Bookwitch on Falling Glass by Adrian McKinty

Culture NI on the experimental short film Unsound

And then there's this feature on e-publishing by Declan Burke.

But if you're outside, enjoying the sun, maybe sipping on a cool drink (alcohol optional), then more power to you. Come the fourth hour, I'm out of here. I'm only an hour away from home. Reckon there'll be time to lounge in the back garden with a Carlsberg for an hour or two before putting the kids to bed... Bliss.


MrsGB said...

Carlsberg in the garden! I knew getting those 4 cases was a bad idea

Gerard Brennan said...

Best. Idea. EVER!

Love ya, babe.


JamTheCat said...

So now we know how you're spending Easter, right?

Gerard Brennan said...

DAMN right, Jam. Damn right.


JamTheCat said...