Monday 18 April 2011

Simmons on Faust

Wayne Simmons has plenty to say about Christa Faust's Money Shot over at the excellent Dark Central Station website. I've read (and recommended) this book so I'm delighted that it's struck a chord with Northern Ireland's answer to (a young) Stephen King. At the time I read it, baby Oscar had just arrived at the Brennan household and I was in no shape to be writing reviews. Luckily, I agree with everything Wayne Simmons says in his piece.

Will this foray into pulp fiction be enough to set the cogs whirring in Wayne's twisted mind? Maybe send him to some dark, pulpy places in his next project? I do hope so.

Enjoy the review!


Anonymous said...

You're back blogging (said he belatedly)- good. Also belatedly - just finished The Ghosts of Belfast by Stuart Neville, who you've celebrated here in the past. Great stuff. Really really enjoyed it. Bought it in New York to get the original title.
I met three crime writers the other day - Ghanaian, South African and French - very interesting I thought. Their tips are here

Gerard Brennan said...

Hi Paul

Yeah, I'm easing back in. Glad you enjoyed Stuart's debut (and that you got a cool edition of it). Good to hear you're keeping busy and talking crime fiction to so many interesting people.