Tuesday 20 October 2009

A Nifty Top Fifty

I’ve been keeping my eye on the BSC Review website that features reviews, interviews and articles from the likes of such crime fiction connoisseurs as Brian Lindenmuth, Sandra Ruttan, Keith Rawson and Gerald So. Earlier today, Lindenmuth’s Top Favourite 50 Novels of the Decade article caught my eye. I read it wondering if any of my favourites were in there, whether any of the unread books on my shelf would feature and to see if I could pick up a few recommendations (though God knows I don’t need to be spending cash on more books any time soon). Turns out a goodly portion of these books are CSNI favourites.

Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville each got a mention, and Ken Bruen featured in the list twice.

Their entries went like this:

The Guards by Ken Bruen – This was the gateway book for most fans of Bruen’s work and introduced us to this original voice, great character and unique stylist.

American Skin by Ken Bruen – American Skin is Bruen’s masterpiece.

Fifty Grand by Adrian McKinty – This book, along with Safer by Sean Doolittle, represents what commercial, popular fiction SHOULD be.

The Ghosts of Belfast by Stuart Neville – Simply put, this is a great novel that will change you.

Some high praise indeed. And who’s to say what might be added to Lindenmuth’s favourites from this neck of the woods in 2010? I don’t think this surge in Irish crime fiction is going to die out any time soon.

Check out the rest of Brian Lindenmuth’s article for a year’s worth of highly recommended reading. As Allan Guthrie said on Twitter, “Brian recommends, I read.”


Brian Lindenmuth said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've got a copy of Winterland headed my way and I've also got a book by some Barbello guy glaring at me and cursing up a storm.

Keep the rec coming.

I'll have to send you an email -- got an idea to run by you.

Brian Lindenmuth said...

should have said 'keep the recs coming' but I can't type for shit.

seana graham said...

Well done, gents!

Gerard Brennan said...

Brian - No worries at all.

Winterland is a scorcher. Could well find a spot in next year's top fifty... And that Barbelo pup has some mad aul craic going on too.

Email away, sir. I'll be happy to hear from you.

Seana - They continue to do us proud.