Friday 21 August 2009

Moving Along...

Hopefully everybody is getting over the cruel blow Declan Burke dealt his readers (including me) the other day. He announced a closure of sorts of his top class blog, Crime Always Pays. This is a big loss to the online crime fiction community but, as life is a big set of swings and roundabouts, it's also a good thing for th online crime fiction community. Declan's a terrific novelist and I respect his decision to reorganise his time to bring us all new work.

Dec, fair play to you, squire!

This isn't exactly speedy reporting, but I have a valid excuse. I attended my brother-in-law's wedding yesterday. Congratulations Peter and Ciara Earley! Here's a pic of the happy wee Brennan family that might put a few smiles on people's faces (so long as you ignore the goatee'd boyo bringing down the standard of loveliness). I'm a lucky man.

(Mya, me, Jack and Michelle August '09)


marco said...

Jack looks like a tiny you (I suppose the spectacles help the effect). You've grabbed Mya so tightly because you fear she might elope with her boyfriend at any moment, right?

v-word: carpuss, which is a feline genetically engineered to function as a car. Probably a jaguar.

Gerard Brennan said...

Marco - Damn right I'm holding on tight. And I'm NEVER letting go. Anybody tries to take her away from me, I run him over in my carpuss.


seana graham said...

A very handsome family. And yes we can all see, in Horace Rumpole's words, that Mya is 'she who must be obeyed'. The troubled teenage years are going to be rough on you, my friend, so enjoy those kids while they are still kids--even if it means missing a blog post or two to do it.

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - You're right. I'm not looking forward to those teen years at all. Karma's a bitch!