Wednesday 26 August 2009

Red Hand of Crime -- The Irish Mythology Anthology

Last week, I received the final story for the Irish mythology anthology I’m co-editing with Mike Stone. Me and Mike are now caught up in a flurry of activity in preparation for sending the manuscript off to the publisher, Morrigan Books. And I’ll tell you what; this editing malarkey is way tougher than I ever thought it would be!

We’ve been very lucky, though, and have received stories from the best of the best. Feast your eyes on this jaw-dropping list of contributors:

Adrian McKinty
Arlene Hunt
Brian McGilloway
Dave Hutchinson
Garbhan Downey
Garry Kilworth
John Grant
John McAllister
Ken Bruen
Maxim Jakubowski
Neville Thompson
Sam Millar
Stuart Neville
T.A. Moore
Tony Bailie
Tony Black
Una McCormack

Frickin’ awesome, right?

Me and Mike are pretty much on track time-wise, so hopefully our projected publication date of Summer 2010 will still stand. Any earlier than that, would be a bonus, of course, but Morrigan Books seem to have a very busy publication schedule on their hands, so we’ll just see what happens, eh?

Stay tuned for more updates!


Michael Stone said...

I'm really chuffed with the quality of stories. When we sent out the guidelines I expected more clashes, with authors subbing similar takes on the auld myths. It wasn't the case though, was it? We got a great mix. I'm chuffed and proud.

v-word, spided: to be accosted by a chav in Belfast.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Spided is my favourite v-word to date, man. Nicely spotted.

Yeah, man, it's a very diverse collection, yet it all hangs together very well. I love how balanced it seems to be too. Hard boiled, police procedural, crime caper... we've covered some ground.



Stuart Neville said...

I'm very much looking forward to the finished product!

adrian mckinty said...

I hope we're all getting together for a sesssion and joint book tour.

Gerard Brennan said...

Stuart - Me too. I'll have to get a big-ass box of them and enjoy a George McFly day.

Adrian - No Alibis, next summer for the kick-off?



Christopher Grant said...

Congratulations, Gerard and Michael. Sounds like a hell of an anthology.

Gerard, now you know what we editors go through on a semi-daily basis. Not as easy as it looks.

It has its perks, too; the best of these is being able to read some really great stories.

With names like these, I'm extremely envious of both you and Michael.