Thursday 13 August 2009

Garbhan Downey on Adrian McKinty - Mk II

And to think I nearly missed this!

I've just read a fantastic review of Adrian McKinty's Fifty Grand written by Garbhan Downey for the Culture NI website. I know that this site and Verbal Magazine have some close links, so hopefully it'll make it's way in there too. This is a thoughtful, well-written and insightful review that would make Declan Burke smile. And I agree with Downey 100%.

"The festering Cuba so evocatively sketched by McKinty is redolent of the dying eastern Europe, right down to the petty corruption and institutionalised paranoia. And his unflinching depiction of an America riddled with selfishness, opportunism and racism contains some of the most acerbic social comment I’ve ever read on the long-term consequences of the Bush family."

For the rest, click here. What are you waiting for?


seana graham said...

That's a wonderful review, Gerard. Thanks for posting the link.

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - That's what I'm here for! And yeah, t'is a goodie.