Friday 16 May 2008

The Friday Project - Have Ye No Homes To Go To? by Neville Thompson

Declan Burke, thon ragamuffin from CAP has been spreading the word about this project, spear-headed by Patti Abbot. Seems like a just cause I suppose. Not much time left to squeeze the post in to what's left of Friday though. Short sharp sentences from now on.

Read this book -- Have Ye No Homes To Go To? by Neville Thompson. Picked it up in Dublin Train Station. Was on my way home from A Pogues gig (one of the final ones) and in the mood for more Dub stuff. This was dirty Dub to the core. Fast-paced multi POV book. Great humour and style. Great company on a bus, pre-decent-motorway.

Will be less rushed next Friday.

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