Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Gerard Brennan Disorder Podcast

I've finally done it. After years of thinking about it, months of talking about it, and weeks of reading about it, I've figured out how to record and distribute a podcast from the comfort of my own bedroom/office/studio. And by the time you read this there might even be a second or third episode available for you to sample.

For now, I'm still experimenting with the format, but I'd like to get some feedback on what the sweet spot for a one-man crime fiction show is, so tell me if it's over too quickly or runs too long. As I say in the first episode, I do want to address questions about the creative writing process, and to talk about the books I'm reading or have recently read.

Tuning in will also keep you up to date on my upcoming releases and all that jazz, because self promotion.

These early podcasts are basically for the people who have asked for audiobook versions of my work. I'm starting with my novella, BOUNCE. It's free, the sound quality is pretty good, and my accent is weird.

Why haven't you downloaded it already?





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