Thursday 8 March 2018

DISORDER Appreciation

DISORDER is the book that just keeps on giving. And everybody's been lovely about it. The release of this Irish News article started off the official release date (March 18). Check it out, if you haven't already. Following that, The Mourne Observer ran a piece, and I hope that'll generate even more local interest in my work. And we've had our first couple of Amazon reviews too (thanks to Mr Maltman and the Village Reader).  The more the merrier, though. If you're feeling suitable moved, I'd love to read more thoughts on the book. My ego loves a wee boost every now and again, you know?

I'm also digging this snazzy press release (click to enlarge):

I uploaded a couple of videos from the pre-Christmas soft launch of the book to YouTube. You'll find both below. The sound isn't great, and the camera has been held sideways to make me look taller, but you'll get an honest taste of what this book means to me, and a wee bit of a reading without any offensive swearing. Apart from when I say "ballbag," but that's not really a curse-curse, is it?



I forgot to include a link to my Novel Ideas interview on NVTV. D'oh! Here it is.

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