Friday 14 July 2017

Episode 38 of Two Crime Writers and a Microphone

I love podcasts. They entertain me in traffic, they help me sleep. And when I'm in the house on my own (as rare as that is during the summer holidays), they keep me company during coffee breaks.

So it was really cool to actually appear on one. Especially one that let me talk about crime fiction, with a dash of boxing and MMA. If you know me, you'll know these are a few of my favourite things. I also got to read an excerpt from my recently re-released novella, The Point (hence it's appearance in the lovely collage above, which I swiped from the @TwoCrimeWriters Twitter feed).

Here's a link to their iTunes page. I'm in Episode 38. The other 37 are great too. I know because I've been listening from the start. I've subscribed to the series. You should too. Maybe review it as well, if you're feeling generous. Podcasts chart better when they're well-reviewed. Messrs Cavanagh and Veste finance this gig out of their own pocket, to give us free entertainment. Pay them back with a little love.

If you use an Android phone there are many ways to get the podcast. Here's one.

Listen, become a fan, thank me later.


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