Monday 7 November 2016

Still Playing About With Old Thoughts

I'm thinking about writing a lot lately (as a precursor to writing a lot). In order to get this blog active again, I think I'm going to post a series of links to interviews or blog posts I've done about writing. I'll either signpost it and say I still agree with what I thought then, or challenge that past version of me by calling bullshit on whatever advice I have since learned is no pearl of wisdom.

Because of yesterday's post about my dad's upcoming play, The Blue Boy, set in Omeath (just across Carlingford Lough from Warrenpoint where I've set a bunch of stories myself), I figured I'd start with this fun interview we did for Owen Quinn's Time Warriors site in the midst of The Sweety Bottle's modest success.

Click here, people!

And while I work on the second Shannon McNulty novel (one of my Warrenpoint based works), I'll be thinking about these encouraging words from my father:

"Of course he got his skills from me. I won five shillings for writing, at the age of ten. That was forty eight years ago. I can still remember the two big silver half crowns, it was a fortune in those days. Seriously, I won’t try to take any credit for Gerard’s achievements, there was too much hard work and determination on his part to get where he is now. We worked very well together I think that was quite unusual."

This might be one of my favourite writing interviews. It's like a virtual pat on the head.


Dana King said...

That it is. Delighted to hear you're ready for a burst of writing.

Gerard Brennan said...

Cheers, Dana. Took me a wee while to get my creative mojo back after submitting the PhD thesis. I spent most of the last year forcing myself to write academic stuff. A burst of creative writing will be a joy.

Dana King said...

"A burst of creative writing will be a joy."

And not just for you. I'm looking forward to the ende result.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, man!

seana graham said...

You're lucky to have a dad who gets it, and it is so great that you both had a chance to collaborate. But yes, back to the creative stuff, my friend.