Thursday 23 April 2015


Pronounced as haystack...

I've rattled out a few blog posts over at a collaborative scholarly-type site by the name of HASTAC. It's basically a social network to explore the digital world and attempt to harness it for the good of humanities. Synergy, baby.

Anyway, my blog posts might be interest to some of you. It might not. Here's the opening paragraph to the latest blog post. If you want to learn more then click on through to the HASTAC site.


"In my previous post I relayed some information on digital publishing, the emphasis being on the effects that a BookBub ad had on one of my novels. The ad was designed to inform BookBub subscribers that my ebook, FIREPROOF, would be available to download for free direct from Amazon's Kindle site (UK only -- I'll get back to that later). That meant that if you had a Kindle reader of any generation -- or indeed the Kindle app on your phone, tablet or computer -- you could read one of my novels for free. I held off on a follow-up post as I was aware that my publisher, Blasted Heath*, was pursuing a second ad for a second title..."

Click here for the rest.

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