Friday 6 February 2015

Back to the Future Sacrifice of Fools

At last! Ian McDonald's Sacrifice of Fools can be purchased again.

I wrote about it on CSNI before (in 2008! Jesus, how long have I been doing this?), and mention it quite regularly when asked about great crime fiction novels set in Northern Ireland. Ian McDonald's contribution just happens to involve aliens. From space, like.

McDonald further proved his crime fiction street cred in 2014 with his contribution to Belfast Noir. So it's a good time to go back and check out his futuristic vision of Northern Ireland, though we've already caught up with the projected date, and still there are no damn hoverboards.

Anyway, you can get it and three other McDonald classics through one of his new ebook publishers, Open Road. I applaud the company for its good taste.


Michael Stone said...

I read Sacrifice of Fools the very same week that I read Graham Joyce's Tooth Fairy for the first time, and both books are firmly rooted in my top ten fave reads. It's crazy that Sacrifice of Fools has been out of print.

seana graham said...

Great and striking cover.