Friday 27 December 2013

Pictures Mean Prizes

I'm running a giveaway on my Gerard Brennan (writer) Facebook Page.

It runs a little something like this:

"Check out the Blasted Heath newsletter about the "12 Days of Kindle" sale over at Amazon UK. WEE ROCKETS is one of the books selected!

Help get WEE ROCKETS up those charts by buying a Kindle copy for a mere 99p.

AND, if you post a picture of the cover to prove it's on your Kindle, iPad, tablet or whatever you read ebooks on (tag me in a Facebook post to alert me) [edit Sunday 29/12/13: screen-grab or take a digital photo with your smart phone, whatever works], I'll send you a copy of my novella, BOUNCE, anywhere in the world. Even if you bought WEE ROCKETS months ago, you're eligible simply by posting a pic.

I have 5 copies of BOUNCE here, so first five pics scoop the prizes.


You can listen to a few chapters from BOUNCE here, BTW.

EDIT: Sunday 29/12/13 20:48 GMT

Five winners(?) are:

Ryan Bracha
Garry McElherron
Katrina Tia Charles
Kieran Doherty
Brandon Nagel

I'll be sending the booklets out tomorrow.

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