Wednesday, 23 October 2013

George McFly Day!

I got the first batch of WEE ROCKETS paperbacks today. Opening that box made me so happy. I've been dreaming about seeing this book in print for years. It didn't happen the conventional way, but feck it. These are changed and challenging times as far as publishing goes. The reviews and sales of the Blasted Heath e-book were enough to convince me that the novel deserved a dead-tree version.

So, I'll have a small number of copies to bring with me to the KILLER BOOKS festival in Derry 1st - 3rd November. You can get all the details of that mega weekend a few posts down.

Here's hoping I can sell a few, eh?

Now that I've seen how gorgeous it is, I'll be ordering more and will sell them directly (payments via paypal most likely), signed and/or dedicated if that's your thing, to anybody that wants one.

Form an orderly virtual queue there, will you?

Just contact me by email or through one of the social medias. You'll find links in the previous post.


Dana King said...

Congratulations, boyo. Good luck.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Dana!