Monday 26 August 2013

The Point Returns

It's an oldie but a goodie. Following the unfortunate demise of Pulp Press, THE POINT is now available on Kindle once more, thanks to those Blasted Heathens, Al and Kyle. Really excited about this and chuffed by the new cover. Anybody who's read it should get the significance of the image right away. If you haven't read it, now's your chance for a measly 99p. You can't even get an ice cream with a flake in it for that these days.

 Anyway, said cover, a blurb and some nice things said by some rather splendid writers:

Paul Morgan is a bad influence on his brother, Brian. When Paul crosses one thug too many, the cider-fuelled duo flee Belfast for Warrenpoint, the sleepy seaside resort of their childhood memories. For Brian a new life in The Point means going straight and falling in love with Rachel while Paul graduates from carjacking by unusual means to low-level racketeering. Brian can't help being dragged into his brother's bungling schemes, but Rachel can be violently persuasive herself . . . and she isn't the only one who wants to see an end to Paul's criminal career.

THE POINT is a 27,000-word novella by the author of WEE ROCKETS and FIREPROOF.

What They're Saying About THE POINT

"The Point is the real deal — the writing is razor sharp, the characters engaging, the ending a blast. From start to finish it's true Northern Noir, crafted with style and wit." – Brian McGilloway 

"The Point is top stuff. Engaging from the start, the characters are loveable, the story is strong and the pace never lets up." – Adrian McKinty 

"…a Coen Brothers dream, via Belfast… Gerard Brennan grabs the mantle of the new mystery prince of Northern Ireland…" – Ken Bruen

"It needs to be said that Gerard Brennan's The Point is terrific. Scorchingly funny, black humour at its finest and the most inventive car theft ever!" – Arlene Hunt

"Noir from Norn Iron! A lean slice of grindhouse from Belfast's new crime hack." – Wayne Simmons

It'll also be available on Nook US, Kobo and Apple in the next week or so. Get some!

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seana graham said...

It's not that old.

But it is good.

I'm glad I have the printed version.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Seana!

I guess the paperback is kind of special, what with it being out of print already. Might be worth a tenner on Ebay.


seana graham said...

I'm not selling.