Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Even Flow... thoughts arrive like butterflies...

Even Flow Isn't just an awesome Pearl Jam song, you know. Check out the blurb for this new Irish crime fiction offering:

New York City: a man hangs upside-down outside a skyscraper. He’s being punished by three strange vigilantes – and he’s just the first.

The 3W Gang are regular guys, into movies, beer, reading, hanging out…and waging violent war on society. They believe it needs balance – ‘enforced karma’ – through selective, brutal punishment of misogynists and homophobes.

Wilde, Waters, and Whitman are inspired by revolutionaries and feminists, art and irony. They’re the grunge vibe made flesh and made angry: cool, witty, sexy…and dangerous. Hunting them is a gay detective, determined to see justice done but getting more morally ambivalent as he’s drawn into their world.

Even Flow is a fable wrapped inside a thriller. It’s Germaine Greer crossed with Kurt Cobain crossed with Dirty Harry.

It’s time for an Even Flow.

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