Monday 27 August 2012

A Gift Horse With No Name

Dan Starkey fans will get my ever-so-clever Dec Burke-esque title pun. Well, I say Dec Burke-esque, but his puns usually work...

Anyway, if you are a fan of Dan Starkey or the Mystery Man or anything else penned by Colin Bateman (and you have movies, TV series and stage plays to choose from as well as his novels) then this might well be your lucky (wet) bank holiday Monday.

The best-selling and award-winning scribe is launching a creative writing course aimed at writers about to embark on or in the process of writing their first novel. Folks, this is the kind of thing emerging writers would step over their granny for.

If you have a Facebook account, you can find the dedicated page here --

Click the link and 'like' the page to keep up to date with the course happenings.

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