Wednesday 1 February 2012

They Like Me, They Really Like Me...

Well, feck. THE POINT has only gone and scooped the Best Novella Spinetingler Award. Bloody marvellous!

Many thanks to all those who voted. According to the folks at Spinetingler Magazine there was only a few votes in it so every one actually did count.

I'd blather on a little more but I'm still pretty blown over by the whole thing. I'll say one thing, though... you could do a lot worse than to pick up a copy of all the nominees' novellas. I'm halfway through the list and they're all brilliant books. Probably why I'm still scratching my head over the whole thing.




Unknown said...

nice one. Congrats, fella!

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Let me pass along my congratulations, too, Gerard.


Gerard Brennan said...

Michael - Thanks, man!

J - Much appreciated. And thanks for the shout-out on The Rap Sheet!


Stuart Neville said...

Congratulations, sir! Well done, and well deserved.

seana graham said...

Well on your way, young man. Well on your way.

Congratulations. Gonna hide this one from your writing class too?

Ben said...

I'm sure it's the first award of many, Gerard. I haven't read THE POINT, but I know your style and I know you can deliver. I'm looking forward to WEE ROCKETS too.

Gerard Brennan said...

Stuart - Thanks, man!

Seana - Cheers! Word got out, I'm afraid... A couple of them picked it up on Twitter.

Ben - Much appreciated, sir. I hope you enjoy WEE ROCKETS.



Anonymous said...

congratulations, well deserved

Allen McKay

Alan Griffiths said...

Many congrats, Gerard and well deserved. Terrific news.

Best, Alan

JamTheCat said...

And we're surprised because...? No question in my mind you'd grab the honors.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Good job.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Peter Rozovsky said...

One day I'll be able to say I knew you when you were just a wee shite.

Gerard Brennan said...

Allen, Alan and Kyle, I thank ye all!

Peter, I'm still a wee shite, just not as bad tempered these days.