Tuesday 1 November 2011

Quick Report

Thought I'd rattle out a short blog post for those interested in how the No Alibis launch went last night. It will be short, though. I've to get to Uni pretty soon and things might get uncivilised here after this episode of Barney ends.

Anyway, thanks, as always, to Dave Torrans who let me and Arlene take over his shop for the evening. No doubt the talented and successful Ms. Hunt is well used to this sort of thing but it was a real treat to act like a proper writer for a few hours and sign copies of the book. Was delighted to see Sheila, Martina and Michael from the MA there as well as some of my favourite writers, Stuart Neville and Ian MacDonald (too surreal and awesome for words). And of course, I have a tonne of gratitude for the family and friends who took the time and spent the money. I'm a lucky guy.

Great night. Thank you to all who came.

Gotta go.


Declan Burke said...

Sorry, squire, but the honeymoon is now over - you're officially a real writer. Enjoy ...

Michael Stone said...

Glad you had a great time, although could hardly not have a good time by the sounds of things. Hope you saved me a copy!

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Thanks for the update, Now get cracking on the books...and novels, of course. Might some pic's be forthcoming?

Gerard Brennan said...

Dec - By the Holy... that's kind of a mind-feck. But I thank you for it. Sincerely.

Mike - Yeah, man. Your copy's safe. Will post it off ASAP.

Sean - Dave Torrans took plenty of pics. Hopefully get some on here in the next few days.