Monday, 1 August 2011

Fancy a Cool One?

Over at Crime Always Pays you can throw your hat into the ring in the hopes of winning a copy of Declan Burke's Absolute Zero Cool. Just answer one question and put your faith in the gods of good fortune. It's a great prize, by the way. In an early incarnation I got to read Absolute Zero Cool and said something like:

Absolute Zero Cool is a slightly psychedelic trip into the workings of Declan Burke’s rather odd mind. The characters leap off the page and the ending twists again and again with more enthusiasm than Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys ever mustered.

Dec's also done a guest spot at Tony Black's Pulp Pusher blog. It's a week in the life of a writer and if you don't crack a smile at it... you're probably not a writer.

And, in my usual blog-neglecting manner, I forgot to point out that I have a story over at Pulp Pusher. Nothing But Time first appeared on the original version of Pulp Pusher and Mister Black was kind enough to resurrect it in case there's somebody out there who might be interested in taking a look. So, click here, kind soul.

(Left to right: Declan Burke, Tony Black and Gerard Brennan)

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seana graham said...

Hey, this is a very good idea for helping promote Declan's book. I think I'll do something like it on mine.