Thursday 19 May 2011

I'm dead cultured, me...

My review of Adrian McKinty's Falling Glass is now up at Culture NI.

You can also read a feature on the very spiffy site in which Adrian chats about his previous novel, Fifty Grand, making the Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year long list.

Four Irish writers on that list this year, which is a fantastic representation on the great work coming out of this island. Huge congrats to Adrian McKinty, Stuart Neville, Alan Glynn and William Ryan. Peruse the list here.


seana graham said...

Nice work on the review, Mr. Brennan.

I've read three of the four Irish writers nominated and those three are all really terrific. Sorry, I haven't gotten on to Mr. Ryan yet.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Seana

I'm in the same boat as you -- Ryan's is the only one of the four I've yet to read. Dec Burke praises it very highly, though, so I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point in the future.



seana graham said...

I'm sure if the Ryan book will come over here, but I'll keep an eye out for it.