Thursday, 23 September 2010

Culture Night Buzz

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's Derry Library event in which I'll interview Stuart Neville and Eoin McNamee. I just wanted to post a quick thank you to Dec Burke for blogging about it and to Jenni Doherty of Guildhall Press for the many Facebook shout-outs as well as the rest of you good folk from my Facebook friends page who shared the love. I also wanted to share this link to Radio Foyle's Sarah Brett show in which Michael Bradley asked me a bunch of interesting crime fiction-related questions and I attempted to supply him with worthy answers. Did I succeed? Click the link and decide for yourself. My bit starts about 47 mins into the show.


JamTheCat said...

Wish I could be there. Looks like fun.

And you kicked butt in those questions.

seana graham said...

Just got a chance to listen to the interview, Gerard. Very good, and it was fun to hear your voice.

Stuart Neville said...

It was a very enjoyable event, and you did a great job as moderator. Thanks!