Monday 7 June 2010

Book Launch!

You can buy your copy of Requiems for the Departed exclusively at No Alibis today!

What are you waiting for?

Requiems for the Departed
Thursday 10th June at 6:30PM

Come and Meet…

Brian McGilloway, Stuart Neville, Arlene Hunt, T.A. Moore, John McAllister, Tony Baillie and Garbhan Downey

No Alibis Bookstore is pleased to invite you to the launch of Irish crime fiction anthology, REQUIEMS FOR THE DEPARTED, edited by Gerard Brennan and Mike Stone, on Thursday 10th June at 6:30PM.

Irish Crime. Irish Myths.

Requiems for the Departed contains seventeen short stories, inspired by Irish mythology, from some of the finest contemporary writers in the business.

Watch the children of Conchobar return to their mischievous ways, meet ancient Celtic royalty, and follow druids and banshees as they are set loose in the new Irish underbelly, murder and mayhem on their minds.

Featuring top shelf tales by Ken Bruen, Maxim Jakubowski, Stuart Neville, Brian McGilloway, Adrian McKinty, Sam Millar, John Grant, Garry Kilworth, T.A. Moore and many more.

Along with co-editor Gerard Brennan (of Crime Scene NI fame), we're expecting appearances from the following contributors: Brian McGilloway, Stuart Neville, Arlene Hunt, T.A. Moore and Garbhan Downey, so this is sure to be an evening to remember.

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seana graham said...

You go, guys!

seana graham said...

Uh, that should have been "and gals!"

Photographe à Dublin said...


Goodreads members might like to add reviews and recommendations to the Irish group:


Here's wishing you every success.

seana graham said...

Happy to have the link, Photographe.

Photographe à Dublin said...

My pleasure, Seana.

The book is without a cover on Goodreads at the moment.

If anybody knows the ISBN and could take a moment to insert it, the page would look better, I think.

I cannot seem to be able to find it anywhere.

seana graham said...

I tried too--no luck. But if anyone wants to apply to become a librarian there, apparently they can do what will. I considered it, but I am already falling behind today with practical tasks, so will wait and see if someone can do it in a less round about way.

Photographe à Dublin said...

Thanks again, Seana.

If anybody has the ISBN numbers and could post them here, I'll insert them.

Gerard Brennan said...

Here's the ISBN


Thanks so much for setting this up!



Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Goodreads has just returned an automated message that this ISBN is already allocated to a book called "Grants Pass" (also published by Morrigan).

It might be worth sorting this out as many people reserve books through the library service using ISBN.

Gerard Brennan said...

That's odd! I'll get the publisher to look into it. Thanks very much for letting me know.



Gerard Brennan said...

Okay, publisher came back with this ISBN


Sorry about that!


Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I've updated the link:


However, it turns out that in order to add a book cover, one must download it to one's computer and then upload directly to Goodreads.

I do not want to do this, as Tineye tends to trace these uploads and it would be better for somebody closely involved with the publications to perform this step.

At least the ISBN is there and is correct.

Anonymous said...

I just added the book cover to GoodReads and made sure all the details are correct.

Note: there are two versions of the book, as there is a print run exclusively for the UK and then one for the rest of the world. The latter is the isbn on GoodReads.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Good team work.


A tip for the curious...

Do a search for the image .jpeg in Tineye and you will find all the blogs where the book is being reviewed.