Friday, 30 April 2010

A Quick Question

Okay, regular readers of this blog (if there are any left) will have noticed that in the last few weeks I've been promoting the hell out of the anthology I co-edited with my friend Mike Stone on this blog. I figure that Requiems for the Departed is a physical manifestation of the work I've put into CSNI over the last two years (or will be when it's printed) and as such I'm fiercely proud of it.

However, I was a bit concerned about a comment I received on the post below about a regular visitor to the blog deciding to remove CSNI from their link list as they are worn down by the number of times I've posted the image of the book cover.

So I ask you good folk, am I ripping the arse out of this thing?

I'm not an overly sensitive person and so you should feel free to be as honest and brutal as you want. If the cover is bugging you now, let me know. If the blog has become boring since I started looking after my own interests, feel free to publicly scold me. If you don't particularly give a feck... well, just don't comment.




Unknown said...

You know, it is your blog, so post whatever you like

seana graham said...

No, I think it's a great idea to use the blog to promote the book and actually the writers getting a bit of a say here is interesting. I'm really looking forward to reading it, and my only frustration is that I don't think we can get it over here yet, can we?

Of course I would be disappointed if you didn't go back and post about other things eventually, but I do think you have to seize the moment on this and do what you can to promote the book. I won't be dropping the link on my page any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I think this other visitor is protesting too much. It is your blog, do what you want with it. I think promoting your new book is a perfect thing to do on your blog. And no... I don't see that you are posting the cover too much. Oh... and I look forward to reading it. Can't wait till it is available here in the US. Wish you the best with sales!!

Michael Stone said...

If it was simply "Buy my book!" every other day then I for one wouldn't be visiting regularly. But you're promoting the authors in the book, many of whom have not been featured on this site, so...

Then again, I might be slightly biased. :)

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I'm delighted this is being discussed. I did not mean, when I commented that I would like the link to the book to be removed.

I simply found that every time I came to the blog recently it seemed that the foot was everywhere and I am at fault in not being able to take it on board.

I had a widget linking to Alan Glynn's "Winterland" on my blog, but have removed it, along with a list of blog links, simply to make a seasonal change there.

No protest... but it is interesting to see the comments here, as they can guide choices on my own blog in future as well.

Shall continue to read here with pleasure.

Peter Rozovsky said...

You might think of varying the images. Post it at different sizes and in different positions (left, right, center). Or post a detail from the cover. Maybe you could even develop a logo that could alternate with the cover. You could even spin off a separate blog devoted to the book.
 Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

seana graham said...

Actually, if Brendan Garner posts in and tells you to cease and desist, well, you'd better jolly well do it.

Photographe à Dublin said...

The idea of resizing the image is excellent.

If you are a Flickr member, uploading it there and using the different sizes would be a quick solution.

The book cover could also be used in the context of a screenshot, which can include photos of the authors and/or reviews found around the Internet.

I'm very interested in SEO (search engine optimisation) and putting your site up for review on the Irishwebmasterforum should bring a lot of positive feedback.

I've applied what I've learned from the discussion so far in this blog post:


Anonymous said...

No, I'm still happy. But keep mixing it up with other work too.
It's hard finding the time and energy and imaginative to self-promote, entertain, bring new stuff in, and carry on with the day job too.

Brian Lindenmuth said...

Honestly, I'm behind in reading them. I've got them starred in my reader and will get caught up but haven't yet.

I would say this. We are a community and you may have more outlets then you are aware of. Some of these pieces MAY have been better served as guest posts at other blogs and sites. With that strategy you are hitting their readers as well as your own (while there will always be overlap in readers you really want to hit those people who don't come here.)

By reaching out to your friends you also avail yourself of their contacts. For example I'm wondering what the appeal would be to SF/F/H readers and who do I know that I can reach out to.

Are you doing anything wrong? Hell no, its like Keith said. But with a little tweaking we may be able to maximize your coverage.

Just my 2c.

adrian.mckinty said...


Personally I like it. If you've got something to promote and you're proud of it why not say it. IF someone cant handle it then they can go and - excuse my French - fuck themselves.

You've been very generous to everyone in the crime writing community in Ireland and elsewhere and people resent the fact that you're proud of a book that you've edited? Screw them the small minded pricks.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Uploading the book details to Goodreads and then having it Twittered should find a wide readership.

Here's an example:


Uriah Robinson said...

You post what you want Gerard. Your blog is entitled to promote your book, some of us are just promoting our inflated egos. ;o)

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

This thread is an excellent example of the power of Cyber Warriors to reach a stable outcome.

To gain attention for the book, have a friend make a quizzical post on a blog and then others will join in, both in defence and... not in defence.


I'll reblog this (with your permission of course) in various contexts.

As Ingrid Bergman used say "Are the feets in?"

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks for all your opinions, guys. All points have been duly noted and I'm trying out a new approach by supporting the intro posts with different images. I'll still post the foot from time to time, but I guess there's no harm in using the odd relevant pic between times.

TFTBW - Yeah, feel free to repost this discussion.



Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thank you.

All the plans sound excellent. Best of luck with the project.

Photographe à Dublin said...

I have just made a quick post linking to this thread.

It explains why I was so interested to comment on your blog in the first place.

It really has been very helpful to see all the input here.

Photographe à Dublin said...

An update... I have just posted about "Requiems..." on
John Connolly's Blog

Perhaps bloggers could be invited to review the book. It is bound to be chosen by book clubs soon and it would be interesting to read opinions.