Saturday 3 December 2011

Wee Rockets Reading

Jeezum Crow. It's December. Probably a good time to point out that my novel Wee Rockets will be released by Blasted Heath in less than a month! If you fancy a taster of said novel, have a listen to this here reading:

You gotta love the way these Blasted Heathens roll, right?

For those of you who don't know, or have forgotten (highly likely given my absence from the blogging world these past weeks), the official release date of Wee Rockets is 1/1/12. And here's what some rather excellent writers have said about it.

“The Wire? This is Barbed Wire. A cheeky slice of urban noir, a drink soaked, drug addled journey into the violent underbelly of one of Europe’s most notorious ghettos, Wee Rockets make The Outsiders look like the Teletubbies.” - Colin Bateman

“Gerard Brennan stands apart from the Irish crime fiction crowd with a novel rooted in the reality of today’s Belfast. The author’s prose speaks with a rare authenticity about the pain of growing up in a fractured society, shot through with a black humour that can only come from the streets. Wee Rockets is urban crime fiction for the 21st century, and Brennan is a unique voice among contemporary Irish writers.” - Stuart Neville

“In Wee Rockets Gerard Brennan has written a fast paced, exciting story of West Belfast gang culture; brimming with violence, authentic street dialogue and surprising black humour. This is a great debut novel. Brennan takes us into the heart of Belfast’s chav underclass, in a story that lies somewhere in the intersection between The Warriors, Colin Bateman and Guy Ritchie. This is the first in what undoubtedly will be a stellar literary career.” - Adrian McKinty

Feels like Santa's already pulled some strings for me...


seana graham said...

That excerpt was terrific. I'd like to hear the whole book this way.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks a million, Seana. I'd actually love to record the whole book that way and release it as a series of podcasts. I'd need a bunch of equipment and know-how that I don't currently possess, though.


seana graham said...

I think that would be great. And I think there might be some podcast software that isn't really all that expensive.

Here's a tutorial in fact.

I don't want to put anyone off from buying the book, though. And I will buy it. But I would definitely listen to it if it was out there.

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - I really should do it... Something to do in the new year, maybe? Thanks for the link.


Anonymous said...

Brill reviews.

Gerard Brennan said...

Cheers, Paul. Some truly excellent people have been very kind to me.