Tuesday 20 May 2008

More on Ian Sansom

Those enlightened individuals out there who check this blog every day for updates and are only disappointed an average of two days a week to find I haven't written anything (usually at the weekend when you really should be doing something else anyway) will know that I posted an interview with Ian Sansom yesterday. Those of you who don't, but have the gumption to scroll down and check this statement for accuracy will not be disappointed as the interview is right there and a jolly good read. And those of you who have noticed that I'm writing in uncharacteristically long sentences are truly astute and wonderful individuals. I blame the temporary fluctuation in writing style on the highly humorous and entertaining preface to Ian Sansom's website which I read on my Boots £2.99 lunch break today. Waste no more time trying to figure out if I've adequately placed commas in this clumsy paragraph* and have a wee read of said preface now!

*This is not to suggest that the paragraphs used in Ian Sansom's preface are clumsy in the slightest, merely that I have not mastered his preface-writing style, nor do I intend to in the future.


Michael Stone said...

Heh, that was brilliant. The preface, that is not your post. Not that your post was bad or anything, but you know, I was referring to the preface. I might look out for this guy's books. He sounds like somebody I'd get along with.

Gerard Brennan said...

Hi Mike

Yup, really good stuff. I'm dying to get cracking on his Mobile Library series. I think that a lot of it's set along the Antrim Coast. And I also overheard some ladies talking about his work last time I was at No Alibis. One was telling the other that he was one of the funniest writers she'd read in years.

And I met him last year when I attended a writing workshop he taught at Queen's University. A real gentleman.