Tuesday 17 March 2015

Fireproof Freebie

So, Blasted Heath have secured a BookBub ad for my novel, FIREPROOF. The ad went out today as part of this week's BookBub newsletter. Interesting timing, this being St Patrick's Day. St Patrick was tasked with spreading Christianity to Ireland's heathen shores. And the rest of the island, like. The protagonist of my book is on a mission for the other guy. It's up to Mike Rocks to spread Satanism 'round these parts.

So, today I'm celebrating Anti-Saint Mike's Day. And the novel in question is free. If you haven't gone out and got yourself so drunk that your own ma' would be ashamed of you, then maybe take a minute to check it out. Probably not for the religiously sensitive, but then, I'm not seeing a whole lot of Christian behaviour going on today, either. Seems more like heathen mischief to me. More power to the revellers.

Contrary wee bastard that I am, if I do have a drink tonight, it'll be a dram of Scotch (though to be totally honest, I've a wild hankering for an Irish coffee).

Happy Booze Day, people.

If you're not signed up to BookBub, you can get Fireproof for free directly from the Kindle store.

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Unconvinced about the premise? Check out what the master wordsmith, Ken Bruen had to say about it below. If that guy can't convince you, I may as well burn the damn thing. Except it's Fireproof. Tee-hee.

“…Also, I'm in a monogamous relationship, so I don't really agree with orgies."
"Sacrifices and orgies have nothing to do with the religion. All that shit was developed by people who wanted to kill things and shag a lot. That's not what it's all about."
"That right?"
"Yeah. I've been working hard to try and shake that kind of misconception."
"Working as what?"
"A representative of Lucifer. I was s
ent here to build a Satanic Religion."
"Okay. Why did Lucifer think a tattoo parlour was the best place to start?"

“This is just one of the various scintillating hilarious surreal chats in Fireproof, the new novel from the excellent Gerard Brennan.
Phew-oh, GB's d├ębut was terrific but this is a huge leap forward, an assured fully-formed artist in total control of his art.
Equally hilarious and jaw-droppingly violent at once.
Reading this novel was a total blast.
Catapults GB to the very first league.
And… you'll never… ever see Cadbury's n' Nestle in quite the same or indeed sane fashion again.
Thanks, Gerard, for a wondrous read.”

From Ken Bruen, Shamus award winning author of much genius.


seana graham said...

I got it or I'd definitely get it...

Gerard Brennan said...

Can't complain about that, Seana! Thanks very much.