Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Sweety Bottle -- Coming VERY soon!

Belfast in the 1970s. At the rear of Brennan’s sweet shop, a popular ‘shebeen’ is in full swing. This secret drinking den is a place where punters come to escape the troubles around them and to exorcise their own personal demons.

Through the many huge characters and calamitous incidents, we embark on a voyage to an era where the city and its people never ceased to find humour in even the darkest of times.

A hilariously nostalgic trip down memory lane, ‘The Sweety Bottle’ is sure to have you crying with laughter as we remember everything that was good about Belfast during the rare auld times.

Directed by Tony Devlin

Written by Joe Brennan and Gerard Brennan

Starring Marty Maguire, Carol Moore, Lalor Roddy, Gordon Fulton, Gerard Jordan and Ciaran Nolan

The tour is starting next week! Check the Brassneck Theatre Company website for tour dates.


seana graham said...

Having read some of the original stories, I really wish I could see the show!

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Seana! The theatre company has big plans for it and reckon it could make it to New York in a couple of years. I'll start pushing for a Californian leg...


Michael Stone said...

I'm still a bit dazed to see how those little pieces you wrote for the newspaper - no mean feat in itself - has snowballed into this. *applauds*

seana graham said...

California leg? That would be terrific.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Thanks, man! It is a bit crazy when you think about it. I try not to think about it, though. There's enough crazy in my life already. :)

Seana - It's a dream, but some of my dreams have already come true, so who knows?

Thanks, guys.