Wednesday 5 March 2008

Who am I?

I'm Gerard Brennan, a fan of dark fiction and an emerging writer. You like that? Emerging writer. Yup, that means I don't make enough money to quit my dayjob. I can't even introduce myself as a writer at social gatherings without feeling like a bit of an eejit.

"Oh, where can I buy your books?" the party-people ask.

"Um, I've published some short stories and a wee collection of Belfast horror tales, and I have this website,, and..."

"No. I mean, what shop? Waterstones?"

"No, just on the internet at the moment. But my stuff is quite good. And I've a few manuscripts out there. I could be on a bookshelf this year, if I'm lucky."

"Right. Still, everyone's got a good book in them, eh?"

"Ah, fu..."

Ahem, I digress.

Here's what I'm trying to say. I write horror and crime fiction, usually set in Northern Ireland. I'm concentrating on crime fiction at the moment, and reading tonnes of it. Especially anything I can find that is written by Northern Irish crime writers, such as Colin Bateman, Jason Johnson and Brian McGilloway.

I've found Crime Always Pays a great place to track down these Irish knaves. After emailing the Grand Vizier over there, Declan Burke, we realised that a whole blog could be devoted to the booming scene of Northern Irish Crime Fiction.

"Why don't you do it?" Mr Burke says.

"Why not?" says I. *

So here it is. Crime Scene NI. Northern Irish crime writers beware! If I can track down your email address, I will be bothering you soon with interview requests.

* This conversation was paraphrased to improve pace. How slick am I?


Anonymous said...

Very slick! Good choice of name as you shorten it to CSNI and with so much US import TV of CSI, adding the 'N' makes it easy to remember.
Good luck with your blog!

Gerard Brennan said...

Thank you very much!

And don't tell anyone who might attempt to sue, but the TV show similarity is intentional. Glad somebody spotted it.